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The State of Online Ordering

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The shift to online ordering established a new normal for the c-store industry – and it happened almost overnight. Health restrictions brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, prevented customers from visiting c-stores in person.  Compounded by competition from fulfillment centers, many c-stores adopted online ordering solutions to retain their customers. Now, over the course of two years, consumers have grown accustomed to cost-effective, convenient, and personalized ordering experiences. The modern c-store is a digital one, but with over half of online orders coming from first-time customers, c-stores are still learning to meet the latest demands and to get to know their customers:
In this webinar, we will provide data and guidance regarding:

  • The basics of online ordering solutions
  • The modern c-store tech stack and unique considerations for c-stores adopting online ordering
  • Mitigating the effects of supply chain shortages and tools to navigate a volatile market
  • Changes in customer expectations pertaining to loyalty and order and delivery, as well as how to meet them


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