SAMCO Signs Multi-Station Contract With Flyers Energy

SAMCO Food Stores

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. — SAMCO convenience stores partnered with fuel jobber Flyers Energy LLC to reimage three locations under the Shell brand as part of a multi-station contract.

Each reimage package includes a 10-year distribution deal to be serviced by Flyers Transportation.

Auburn, Calif.-based Flyers currently represents five different fuel brands to approximately 120 independent gas stations.

"Each deal requires a creative approach to determine and satisfy the needs of the station owner and the wants of the brand," said Shelly Thomas, Flyers Energy wholesale manager. "When it's time to renew their contract, owners often have their sights on a specific brand, but it may not be the best match for the station."

Flyers routinely assess the station owner's needs and challenges in order to choose the right brand partner for that location, taking into account distributor requirements such as minimum volumes, driveway access, number of dispensers, and a minimum distance from sites of the same brand, the company said.

"A wholesale contract represents a long-term relationship, not a quick score. We want to have a respectful partnership with the dealer so that it benefits all parties," said Flyers Energy Director of Sales and Marketing Jay Galvin. "The dealer's success is what we consider a win."

SAMCO operates eight SAMCO Food Stores locations in Bakersfield.