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High-Capacity Commercial Grade Rhino Amenity Center Available with Optional Hand Sanitizer, Glove or Towel Dispenser

Less labor and servicing required due to larger 10-gallon washer buckets and a 55-gallon trash liner.

MasonWays newest Windshield Washer Refuse unit requires less servicing at retail due to its larger capacity for both washer fluids and trash than other units available on the market today.

Two 10-gallon washer buckets provide a total of twenty gallons of washer fluid at pump islands. A separate 55-gallon inner refuse liner means fewer trips to the dumpster. Unit enables employees to spend less time servicing units outdoors in inclement weather and allows them more time to better assist customers. Do more with less labor with this unit!

Customers like the convenience of sanitizing hands after pumping fuel. Plus, we offer an optional glove or towel dispenser. Custom colors and graphics align with company branding available.  Add a better unit to your Forecourt.  Optional one rear 10-gallon washer bucket with open lid version. For more info please visit

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