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    St. Louis C-stores Drop BP Brand

    Oil company decides to stop supply of petroleum products from Kansas terminal.

    ST. LOUIS -- BP-branded convenience stores in St. Louis have converted to other gasoline brands, as the major oil company recently decided to stop providing product from the Scott City terminal in Kansas, according to a report in The Southeast Missourian.

    "Those who own stations that carry our gasoline brand had the choice to rebrand or pull our product from St. Louis," BP spokesman Daren Beaudo told the paper. "It was purely a business decision on our part."

    Laura Younghouse, owner of Midwest Energy, a company with numerous stations in the area, told the newspaper her company decided to stop providing the BP product because it wasn't a viable option for them. The sites now offer Phillips 66 brand gasoline.

    Other stations have decided to change to the ZX brand owned by JD Street of St. Louis, the newspaper reported.

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