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    Pepsi Brings drank Beverage to the Big Apple

    Bottler serves 20,000 accounts in New York metro area.

    HOUSTON -- Innovative Beverage Group Holdings Inc. entered into an agreement with Pepsi Cola Bottling Co. of New York, to distribute the relaxation beverage drank throughout New York City.

    Pepsi NY has 20,000 accounts distributing Pepsi products throughout the five boroughs and Westchester County.

    "Pepsi NY prides itself on staying current with the newest and hottest beverages that are hitting the market," said Scott Almers, director of sales and marketing for Pepsi NY. "In securing this relationship, which brings drank to our store shelves, we can rest easy knowing we've provided our customers with an exceptionally popular, industry leading product."

    With a slogan of "slow your roll," drank is the antithesis of the herd of energy drinks crowding the functional beverage sector. The drink offers a blend of melatonin, rose hips and valerian root.

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