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    7-Eleven Extends Celebration After App Fix

    Too many people attempted to download free offers.

    DALLAS -- 7-Eleven Inc. had to interrupt its week-long birthday celebration due to a problem with its mobile app, but customers will still be able to take advantage of deals offered by the convenience store chain.

    On July 11, all 7-Eleven customers were eligible to receive a free Slurpee as part of a birthday tradition that dates back to 2002. But this year, the celebration was set to continue on July 12 for a week, but only to customers who downloaded the 7-Eleven app.

    A high volume of people attempting to download offers from the 7-Eleven app caused Saturday's app problems, according to the company.

    "Yes, because of the high demand for our 7-Eleven week offers, we experienced some technical difficulties over the weekend with the offer section of the 7-Eleven App," Margaret Chabris, 7-Eleven's director of corporate communications, wrote in an email to USA TODAY Network.

    The c-store chain announced the mobile app has now been fixed and these offers can be redeemed from Tuesday through July 24.

    The new 7-Eleven mobile app promotional schedule is as follows:

    July 15: Free Hostess Twinkie (single serve)

    July 16: Free SNICKERS or TWIX Brand Ice Cream bar

    July 17: Free Quaker Chewy Yogurt Snack Bar

    July 18: Free Pillsbury cookie (all flavors)

    July 19: Free small Slurpee drink

    July 20: Free Big Gulp drink

    July 21: Free M&M Birthday Cake candy

    July 22: Free Grandma's Sandwich Crème Cookies (3–ounce or 3.025-ounce size)

    July 23: Free Big Gulp drink

    July 24: Free Small Slurpee drink

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