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    Year in Review: Top Regulatory Issues of 2014

    C-stores come up short on menu labeling, swipe fees.

    JERSEY CITY, N.J. — When it came to regulatory issues, 2014 could be defined as hurry up and wait.

    Three years after the Food and Drug Administration announced it would regulate electronic cigarettes, the agency finally brought the proposed deeming regulations to the public. However, there is no indication as to when, or in what form, the final regulations will take hold.

    The industry did catch breaks when implementation of new health care rules were pushed back, and the U.S. Senate knocked down efforts to raise the federal minimum wage. But it's likely that both these issues are just a matter of postponing the inevitable.

    These are the top 10 regulatory issues of 2014, as reported by CSNews Online:

    1. FDA Releases Long-Awaited E-Cig Rules
    Proposal also applies to cigars, pipe tobacco and certain dissolvables.

    2. C-store Retailers Lose Menu Labeling Battle
    Establishments have one year to comply with final FDA rules.

    3. Fed Won't Propose Revision to Debit Swipe Fees
    The 21-cent cap has been in effect since October 2011.

    4. EPA Puts Off Finalizing Renewable Fuel Standards
    Agency won't issue 2014 volume obligations until next year.

    5. Obamacare Delayed Another Year for Smaller Employers
    Retailers with 50 to 100 workers are not required to offer health insurance until 2016.

    6. U.S. Senate Rejects Higher Minimum Wage
    Figure will remain at $7.25 an hour, for now.

    7. Retailers Applaud President's Data Security Order
    BuySecure Initiative enhances credit, debit cards.

    8. House Restores 40-Hour Work Week Under Obamacare
    President Obama can still veto the bill if it gets through the Senate.

    9. Mass. Town Drops Bid to Ban All Tobacco Sales
    Decision comes after public outcry.

    10. California Governor Signs Plastic Bag Ban
    Law takes effect in c-stores in 2016.

    Stay tuned to CSNews Online through Jan. 5 for more 2014 Year in Review recaps.

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