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    Dollar Tax Hike on Tobacco Proposed in Georgia

    The increase would bring the state's excise tax to $1.37 per pack of cigarettes.

    ALBANY, Ga. -- Republican Representative Ron Stephens of Savannah introduced a bill recently to raise the state's cigarette tax $1, totaling $1.37 for a pack of cigarettes, area television station WALB reported.

    Stephens noted the tax -- which has yet to come to a committee vote -- would also bring $1 billion in federal health care money to Georgia.

    While legislative leaders haven't indicated their approval, the proposal is supported from anti-smoking groups and some lawmakers looking to bring in more revenue. And Georgia tobacco users oppose the proposed hike.

    "It could because the way times are now, they're tough out here. And you're just taxing on stuff that people have a habit of, like cigarettes and things like that. It very well could cause you to quit," Kevin Adams said in the report.
    Mark Bush, who also opposes the tax, said: "It's pretty expensive. They're already up to $3.50 or $4 a pack. But an extra dollar is probably going to cause people to stop smoking just because it's a dollar more. But it not going to stop me from smoking."

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