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    'CSNews' Launches New Products Videocast with Phil Lempert

    NBC Today Show food critic reviews new products online.

    NEW YORK -- Convenience Store News this week launched the first in a series of new products videocasts by Phil Lempert, the Supermarket Guru and NBC "Today Show" food critic.

    Check out this week’s video at www.csnews.com/products and see Lempert’s take on:

    -- A line of frozen cereal bowls from Amy's Organic Foods;
    -- Sliced mini hot dogs, ready to eat in single serving snack bags from Old Wisconsin Beef Snack Bites;
    -- A yogurt that contains a blend of beneficial bacteria from Yoplait Yo Plus;
    -- The tastiest caramels on the shelf (or maybe planet?) from Chief's Choice; and
    -- A Budweiser and Clamato Chelada that hits the mark with Hispanic customers.

    Lempert’s consumer panel taste-tests and judges each product based on the following criteria:

    1. (30 points) Taste: The most important attribute of any food.
    2. (20 points) Value: Is it worth it?
    3. (15 points) Health: Based on the nutritional information, is it nutritionally balanced?
    4. (15 points) Ingredients: What's in it, how natural is it?
    5. (10 points) Preparation: When applicable, how accurate or good are the directions?
    6. (5 points) Appearance: Is it appetizing and does it resemble its photo or description?
    7. (5 points) Packaging: Is it appropriate for the product and does it have any benefits such as re-sealability, added freshness, better storage, etc.?

    Check out CSNews.com each week for Lempert’s five products in five minutes reviews.

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