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    To 7-Eleven We Go

    Christmas Day is the busiest day of the year for the convenience store giant.

    DALLAS, TX -- Forget sleigh bells ... registers were ringing this Christmas Day for 7-Eleven Inc. as the chain enjoyed its busiest day of the year.

    "Traditionally, Christmas day is the busiest day of the year at 7-Eleven," said Cindy Davis, senior vice president for merchandising. "A majority of our customers are men, and many have come to depend on another holiday tradition -- 7-Eleven being open round the clock on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day."

    According to the most recent survey by the National Retail Federation, almost 31 million consumers, or just over 15 percent, had not yet started their shopping going into last weekend. Men are the biggest culprits of holiday procrastination, with almost 18 percent waiting until the last week to begin shopping compared to 12.5 percent of women.

    Like every other day of the year, 7-Eleven stores maintained regular store hours on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day to help customers find last-minute gifts, pick up groceries and batteries, or grab a quick snack and a beverage.

    Food items frequently purchased at 7-Eleven over the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays include rolls and bread, milk, butter, eggs, whipped cream, eggnog, canned chicken broth, soft drinks, ice, and chips and snacks, the company said.

    Batteries are also a top seller this time of year and the convenience giant has introduced it own line of value-priced batteries this year in time for the holidays.

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