Motiva Launches Nationwide Ad Campaign to Promote Its GetUpside Program

Motiva logo

HOUSTON — Motiva, in partnership with technology company GetUpside, launched a nationwide advertising campaign to introduce the GetUpside program.

GetUpside’s free mobile app on iOS and Android provides users with real-time, personalized offers to save money at gas stations. The app gives drivers cash back on gas and brings gas retailers incremental profit.

Launched July 9 on iHeartRadio in 22 markets, the advertising campaign went live on the iHeartRadio app’s free streaming radio and digital music platform, as well as on dozens of broadcast stations.

The campaign features DJ endorsements, programmatic radio, and sponsorship of the Total Traffic & Weather Network and news updates. These elements are all designed to introduce the GetUpside app to a significant consumer audience.

"With the largest reach of any radio or TV outlet in America, our advertising collaboration with iHeartRadio is forecasted to increase GetUpside’s user base by a factor of 10," said GetUpside CEO and co-founder Alex Kinnier. "The majority of iHeartRadio users listen while driving, making the platform an ideal marketing partner for the GetUpside app, which gives drivers cash back on gas and brings gas retailers incremental profit."

According to Motiva, the campaign has already generated a 98-percent increase in app downloads. 

"We are seeing a rapid acceleration of enrollment of new wholesaler partners and retail sites into the GetUpside program, and we have even reached capacity in many markets," said Charlie Wemyss, sales manager for Motiva’s GetUpside program. "We have implemented a wait list for new retail sites in those markets, and are on pace to add a new market each month."

Houston-based Motiva refines, distributes and markets petroleum products throughout the U.S. Under exclusive, long-term brand licenses for the Shell and 76 brands, Motiva’s marketing operations support more than 5,000 retail gasoline stations.

The GetUside cash-back program recently added Georgia to its list of markets, which also includes New York, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida and Washington, D.C.

Motiva and GetUpside have their sights set on expanding the program into Texas in the months ahead, and across the entire U.S. by 2019.

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