Love's Rolls Out Fuel Discount Through Its Mobile App

The discount comes on top of fuel prices falling to a national average of $3.43 per gallon.
Man Using Love's Connect App for Fuel Discount

OKLAHOMA CITY Love's Travel Stops is offering more savings for customers through a 10-cent-per-gallon discount on gasoline and auto diesel. The discount, which drivers can redeem through the Love's Connect App, is now available at Love's locations in 40 states through April 30.

"As the leader in highway hospitality, we continue to focus on providing more value to meet customers' needs," said Francie Koop, director of customer and brand strategy for Love's. "The 10-cent discount on gasoline and auto diesel is an extension of savings that have been available to professional drivers through the Love's Express billing card and we're excited to continue to give customers more reasons to choose Love's." 

The deal comes out just in time for motorists to capitalize on good news about overall gas prices. According to AAA, pump prices have fallen every day since Jan. 28, with the national average for a gallon of gas falling 6 cents over the last week to $3.43. Fewer people fueling up and lower costs for oil are behind the price dip.


Since Feb. 2, these 10 states have seen the largest decreases in their averages: Delaware (15 cents), Ohio (11 cents), Maryland (11 cents), Tennessee (11 cents), Alabama (10 cents), South Carolina (10 cents), Wisconsin (10 cents), Florida (10 cents), Virginia (9 cents) and Texas (9 cents).

The nation's top 10 least expensive markets are Texas ($3.03), Mississippi ($3.09), Missouri ($3.10), Kentucky ($3.11), Arkansas ($3.11), Oklahoma ($3.12), South Carolina ($3.13), Tennessee ($3.14), Louisiana ($3.16) and Kansas ($3.16).

Love's isn't the only company to have offered customers the opportunity to save on gas over the past few months. In January, Sheetz reduced the cost of diesel by 50 cents per gallon, while in October, Wawa also took advantage of its own app to offer fuel discounts to account holders.

The Love's Connect App can be downloaded via the Apple App Store or Google Play. Once customers set up an account, they can access their barcode and scan it at the pump or enter the barcode number when paying to save. Customers can also use the Love's Connect App to get deals on snacks, drinks and fresh food. 

Founded in 1964 and headquartered in Oklahoma City, Love's Travel Stops has a network of 600 locations in 42 states, along with 430 truck service centers under both the Speedco and Love's Truck Care names. Family-owned and operated, the company currently employs more than 39,000 people.