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How to Drive Revenue with POS Cause Marketing

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Inspire your customers, increase revenue, and engage your employees with a cause marketing POS campaign with the American Cancer Society.
Featuring Krista Anderson, Hayley Thrift and Robert Brown for a panel discussion of how POS campaigns can transform your business.

Today’s consumers are looking to support causes that are important to them. 

  • 84.3% of Consumers are more loyal to brands whose values align with theirs (The State of Brand Loyalty 2021: Global Consumer Survey by Yotpo).
  • 85% of CEOs believe that a purpose-driven company drives profit. 
  • 83% of Gen Z and Millennials say it’s important that company values match their own.
  • 29% of customers are more likely to purchase a product if the brand partners with the American Cancer Society. 
  • 32% of consumers have a more favorable impression of a product if a brand is paired with the American Cancer Society logo. 


When you support our cause, our cause can help support you.  

  • Point of Sale elevates the customer experience
  • Point of Sale expresses your company’s ethos
  • Point of Sale empowers customers to join the fight 

Join us to learn more. “We all know someone who has had cancer or who is fighting cancer. Raising money not only helps fight this insidious disease, but it’s our way of supporting those who truly need it. The American Cancer Society has been doing tremendous work for decades; it’s a privilege to be its partner." —GEORGE FOURNIER, PRESIDENT, EG AMERICA  


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