HI-Chew Infrusions Orchard Mix

The juicy chews feature Juicy Blood Orange, Peach and Strawberry flavors.
HI-Chew Infrusions Orchard Mix

HI-Chew kicked its chewlets up a notch with Infrusions Orchard Mix. Infused with pockets of flavor, the treats come in three fruity offerings: Juicy Blood Orange, Juicy Peach and Juicy Strawberry. While maintaining HI-CHEW's signature texture, Infrusions adds more juiciness with infused concentrated apple puree and pieces of pectin jelly to mimic true-to-life, fruity flavors. The HI-CHEW Infrusions Orchard Mix is offered in a 4-ounce stand up pouch for a suggested retail price of $4.29 (varies per market). 

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