GSTV Amplify

The new retail media network allows for a more nuanced offering to impactfully serve retailers and CPG partners.

GSTV announced the launch of a new retail media network. GSTV Amplify marks the next step in the evolution of the GSTV video network, allowing for a more nuanced offering to impactfully serve CPG partners seeking to win in the retail space. Operating as part of GSTV's full sight, sound and motion national video network, Amplify is designed to help retailers access an engaged audience just steps away from the convenience store and moments from purchase, and offer CPG marketers the ability to complement and amplify their existing omnichannel brand plans and strategies. GSTV Amplify offers access to more than 28,000 major chains and independent operators, and can help brands reach an audience of 104MM unique monthly viewers. 

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