CVS Transforming Its Snack Aisles With 'Trend Zones'

WOONSOCKET, R.I. — CVS Pharmacy has deployed “trend zones” in select stores to spotlight better-for-you snack and beverage items.

The “trend zones” popping up at CVS stores are proof of the retailer’s emerging health-focused strategy at work, and serve as a way to highlight the more healthful snack items offered by the pharmacy chain. Not only are the healthy items grouped together, but they’re also segmented by diet trend. 

“Vegan Favorites,” for instance, includes items like Kind’s flagship brand and Kellogg Co.’s Pure Organic. Drink Maple’s maple water is also positioned in this zone.

And the trend zones aren’t just limited to dietary trends. One display targets customers looking to put their dollars toward a charitable cause. The “Snacks That Give Back” zone includes products from companies that are aligned with charities.

Since 2016, Woonsocket-based CVS has been making a push to stock its shelves with an increasing number of healthy food products. The company has promoted the new products by giving them prominent positions throughout the store — near checkout counters, on “Better Bites” endcaps, etc.

Now, with highlighted zones, CVS is making it even easier for its customers to grab the healthy snacks they’re most in the market to buy.

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