Café Delight Line

The new products for c-stores include flavored coffee creamers and concentrated cocoa blends.
Cafe Delight Coffee Station

Sugar Foods introduces its Café Delight line for convenience stores to help operators upgrade their coffee stations with creamers, sweeteners, flavors and blends. Products in the line include Flavored Non-Dairy Creamer Sticks, which take up less space, ensuring in-stock availability and reducing labor; Flavor Sticks, which allow customers to choose their own DIY flavor and eliminates the need to brew multiple specialty-flavored coffees; Concentrated Cocoa and Cappuccino Blends, which have half the calories and sugar as traditional blends, along with 50 percent more servings per package; and Café Delight Sweetened Sugar Crystals and Creamier Creamer, which include more servings per container, reducing packaging, storage and re-stockings.