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BP Helps Its Marketers Go All In on Convenience & Mobility

The BP Amoco Marketers Association convention showcased frictionless technology and a new electric vehicle charging solution.
Melissa Kress
Executive Editor
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BP booth at the BPAMA convention

BP planted a big flag in the convenience channel when it became the sole owner of Louisville, Ky.-based Thorntons in late summer 2021. While this acquisition may have signaled a full-court press into the industry, the company has had a solid convenience presence for years with its ampm banner on the West Coast and through its BP and Amoco marketers. 

Considering that roughly 95 percent of the oil company's network runs through branded marketers, it is beneficial to all involved for BP to work closely with the BP Amoco Marketers Association (BPAMA) to address any challenges and ease any pain points at the site level. As BPAMA Executive Director Jack Allard told Convenience Store News, technology is near the top — if not, at the top — of the list when it comes to challenges. 

To help with that, BP highlighted two frictionless technology pacts, one with Grabango and the other with Mashgin, at the recent BPAMA convention in San Antonio, Texas. The oil industry giant also introduced its own electric vehicle charging solution as both the company and its marketers begin to think about the future of mobility.

As Allard noted, BP and Amoco marketers come in all shapes and sizes. These new tech solutions — among others — can help level the playing field. Sometimes, as the famous Beatles song goes, it just takes a little help from your friends.

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