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    Wooten Oil Finds an HR Solution

    C-store chain reports strong results with PDI's tracking and testing program.

    TEMPLE, Texas -- In an effort to reduce turnover, Goldsboro, N.C.-based Wooten Oil Co. is employing PDI's applicant tracking and pre-employment testing solution, PDI/Applicant, throughout its 10-store chain. In the first year, the company reports that turnover dropped by 43 percent, saving the company an estimated $8,100 per location.

    PDI/Applicant collects applicant information and administers pre-employment tests. The PASS III pre-employment survey scores applicants in three key areas: alienation, trustworthiness, and drug attitudes.

    Based on the applicant's PASS III survey answers, PDI/Applicant then generates a report with behavior-based, follow-up interview questions.

    According to Rick Sumner, vice president of operations for Wooten Oil, "PDI/Applicant gives structure and consistency around the entire interview process. There are no more 'warm-body hires', as managers are required to ask follow-up interview questions and record the answers. This enables us to track turnover more consistently and identify trends for future hires."

    In addition to the reduced-turnover savings, Sumner reports that PDI/Applicant's applicant pooling feature provides better-quality candidates. "Applicants hired based on the PASS III report recommendations stay longer and are more dependable," he said. Once hired, new employees begin training using PDI's computer-based training (CBT).

    According to Sumner, "The combination of hiring with PDI/Applicant, training with CBT, and tracking turnover weekly has proven to be the solution we needed to dramatically reduce our turnover."

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