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    Wawa Organic Coffee Gains Internet Interest

    The convenience store chain's limited-time offer of organic Peruvian brew catches the attention of one Mother Nature Network blogger.

    WAWA, Pa.-- When Wawa Inc. started offering organic coffee at its c-stores, one blogging mom on Mother Nature Network's Web site took to the Internet to spread the word.

    "Wawa convenience markets have always had pretty good coffee, but recently it got better. The store is now brewing an organic Peruvian coffee daily, and it's a good cup of coffee," Robin Shreeves wrote on the Web site.

    Advertised as "A New Brew from Peru," the organic coffee may be a limited-time offer, but Shreeves is encouraging people to let the company know they like it and want the option to stay.

    "Let the cashier know you appreciate the organic option. You can also visit the Facebook page and let them know you're happy they are choosing to offer an organic coffee," she said.

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