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    Two Chains Aid People in Need

    Signage extends helping hand to abuse victims and stores become safe haven for children.

    GREENFIELD, Ind. – GasAmerica will display signs in store windows offering assistance to victims of domestic abuse.

    The red signs read, "Safe Haven -- if you are in an abusive situation, use our phone to call for help" and include phone numbers for shelters and local law enforcement. In addition, restrooms will display cards that provide advice on leaving an abusive situation, The Associated Press reported.

    The signs, which were developed in collaboration with Alternatives Inc., a company that provides services and shelter for women and children who have suffered from domestic violence.

    Store employees have been told not to confront individuals who may be abusive.

    GasAmerica operates more than 70 stations throughout Indiana and Ohio.

    In other community service news, Toot'n Totum stores have become a safe place for lost children or people in danger. The program, called Safe'n Sound, went into effect this week at all stores in Amarillo, Texas.

    "Whenever someone is in trouble, they can come to one of our stores," said Greg Mitchell, president of Toot'n Totum. "Our employees are trained to call 911 and do whatever they can to handle the situation."

    Toot'n Totum will work in conjunction with the Amarillo Police Department, Amarillo Independent School District and the city of Amarillo to carry out the program.

    Toot'n Totum has 23 24-hour stores and 64 stores across Amarillo, Texas.

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