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    Triangle Stop Stores Replace Texaco Gasoline with Marathon

    Change comes after Texaco pulls out of 12 states.

    HENDERSONVILLE, N.C. -- Texaco gasoline is being replaced with Marathon products at all area Triangle Stop Food Stores, the company said in a Blueridgenow.com report.

    Texaco, which is owned by Chevron Corp., recently decided to pull out of 12 states, including North Carolina, leaving the company to find another brand, said Beau Waddell, vice president of Triangle Stop Food Stores Inc., in the report.

    "In the long run, it probably is going to be a little cheaper on the gas prices. It's quality fuel because it's got STP in it, and that is probably the No. 1 additive in the U.S. The additive helps the gasoline burn cleaner," he said.

    Texaco signs at the 10 Triangle Stop stores in Henderson, Polk and Transylvania counties are gradually being replaced with Marathon signs, he explained in the report, and the switch is expected to be complete by the middle of July.

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