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    Top Food Trends of the Decade

    Sushi, bacon and cupcakes top lists of trends compiled by The Food Channel.

    CHICAGO -- The Food Channel compiled a look back at the last decade in food, including a perspective on the top flavors, food influences and food stories.

    "Our chefs and editorial staff have seen a lot of changes in the last 10 years," stated Kay Logsdon, managing editor of The Food Channel. "Food has become a story like never before, and it's interesting to look back at how its growth has impacted our society."

    The biggest trends of the last decade (2000-2009) include:

    Top 10 Trends Overall
    -- Sushi
    -- Bacon
    -- Cupcakes
    -- Sliders
    -- Gourmet burgers made with Kobe or Angus beef
    -- Superfruits such as Acai, pomegranate and blueberry
    -- Oils, such as olive oils and truffle oils
    -- Whole grains, such as Kashi, polenta, risotto
    -- Artisan foods, particularly in breads, cheeses and dark chocolates
    -- Coffees, teas

    The Decade's Top Flavors
    -- Pomegranate
    -- Wasabi
    -- Cranberry
    -- Ginger
    -- Blueberry
    -- Hibiscus
    -- Bacon
    -- Green tea
    -- Dark Chocolate
    -- Mint

    Top 10 Food Influences of the Decade
    -- Organic foods, along with Locavore and community-supported agriculture
    -- International cuisines
    -- Food TV and Internet
    -- Food safety
    -- The economy and subsequent shift to home cooking
    -- Fast casual restaurant concepts
    -- Fair trade and artisan concepts in bread, chocolates, cheeses
    -- Mobility/social media/Twitter notifications/underground dining
    -- Mixology
    -- Culinary education

    Top Restaurant Trends of the Decade
    -- Fast casual concept
    -- Tapas and shareables
    -- Gastropub
    -- Molecular Gastronomy
    -- Taco Trucks
    -- Underground dining
    -- Fusion
    -- DIY
    -- Catering
    -- Upscaling of bar food

    All of the lists were compiled as opinion, and are not necessarily based on scientific evidence, according to The Food Channel.

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