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    Tobacco in Transition

    Industry expert David Bishop joins retail and wholesaler reps to discuss changes in the tobacco market and their impact on the c-store retailer.

    NEW YORK -- As President Obama signed legislation giving FDA regulatory control over tobacco products, and major cigarette makers step up their moves into the fast-growing OTP (other tobacco products) section, retailers are taking steps to shore up the profitability of what is arguably their most important in-store product category.

    Convenience Store News will conduct a special interactive Web Seminar today, sponsored by McLane Co., to discuss these and other developments in the critically important tobacco category.

    The Web seminar will feature David Bishop, managing partner of Balvor, who will present results from a new study on retailers’ reaction to the recent federal excise tax hike, as well as the potential near- and long-term implication to tobacco retailing.

    Wayne Wills, merchandising director for Columbus, Ohio-based Certified Oil, will review the impact on Certified’s 86 convenience stores and discuss the retailer’s strategies for growing the entire tobacco department.

    CSNews Editor-in-Chief Don Longo will provide a tobacco category review from the CSNews 2009 Industry Report.

    And Dale Mathers, category manager for cigarettes and tobacco for McLane Co., the industry’s largest wholesaler, will summarize the changes in the tobacco industry and their impact on retailers.

    Register to attend this live Web seminar.

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