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    Susser Inc. First to Deploy Ready Mobile PCS

    Stripes stores to carry economical phone plans and handsets.

    HIAWATHA, Iowa -- Susser Inc.'s Stripes and Town and Country Stores are the first to deploy the new plans and handsets from Ready Wireless LLC. The plans will be introduced throughout the summer at other Ready Mobile retailers.

    "Stripes is committed to offering our customers convenience and flexibility whenever and wherever possible. These shorter term plans deliver that flexibility within the prepaid phone category, and we're excited to bring them to market for our customers," said Ben Hoffmeyer, Stripes prepaid services category manager.

    The new plans are designed to help prepaid customers manage their cash flow while still gaining access to the trend toward unlimited calling, the company reported. The plans are $9.99 for three days or $14.99 for seven days, and customers will also receive a bundle of text messages with each plan, the company reported.

    "Many of our customers really want to be able to buy unlimited services, but for many customers it's difficult to commit to an entire month at any given time," said Fred Haumesser, vice president of sales for Ready Wireless LLC. "Our new plans allow our customers to opt in three or seven days at a time. Importantly, our legacy 'Free Nights and Weekends' plans are still available as well, so our customers can choose the plan that's best for them."

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