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    Surging Demand for Defunct Energy Drink

    Internet campaigns attempt to bring back Coke's Surge.

    By Lauren Hubbard

    NEW YORK -- Most people have a drink of choice. Some can’t wake up without a cup of coffee, others won’t make it through the day without their energy drink, and for some dedicated fans on the Internet, life isn’t the same without Surge.

    Coca-Cola Co.’s now defunct Surge developed a cult following on the Internet, despite the fact that it was officially removed from U.S. markets seven years ago. To date, there are no less than 13 groups dedicated to the drink on the social networking site, Facebook, with a collective membership of over 25,000 people.

    But Facebookers aren’t the only ones who miss the drink. The recently discontinued Savesurge.org spent six years reporting on Surge-related news, including the sale of 30 unopened cans of the beverage for almost $130 on eBay. Some of the fans believe with enough support Coca-Cola might bring back their favorite drink, and they may have reason to hope—the soda was reportedly reintroduced in Norwegian markets in 2008 with some attributing the return to a large Internet campaign.

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