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    Shell Cardholders Earn Cents for Gallons

    Customers can earn 25 cents per gallon for the first 100 gallons pumped using the chain's branded credit card.

    HOUSTON -- Through its "Earn 25 cents per gallon" promotion, Shell Oil Products US is hoping to drive customers to the pumps to earn rewards for fuel purchases.

    The promotion, which will run from July 2 to Sept. 30, will offer new Shell Credit Card accountholders an opportunity to earn 25 cents per gallon with the purchase of 100 gallons of Shell gas. To earn money, customers must use their Shell Credit Card to purchase fuel and charge 100-gallons worth of fuel within the first 90 days from opening the account. When cardholders reach the 100-gallon mark, they will receive a $25 Shell gift card by mail.

    "The 'Earn 25 cents per gallon' promotion is a great way to create loyal cardholders and increase repeat business to our retail locations," Carolyn Yapp, Shell US card and payments manager, said in a written statement. "Our new promotion is designed to help people get in the habit of using their new Shell Card on a repeat basis, which should help turn new cardholders into loyal customers and drive even more traffic to Shell retail locations."

    Shell's goal is to open more than 25,000 new consumer credit card accounts, to benefit Shell-branded wholesale, direct retail, and multi-site operators by driving site traffic and increasing Shell Credit Card usage, the company stated. In addition, Shell-branded retailers benefit from the card’s lack of merchant service fees for card transactions, according to the company.

    The promotion will be supported with national radio, newspaper, and internet advertising, as well as point-of-purchase materials, which include pump toppers, pole signs, building signs, and register toppers.

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