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    Select 7-Eleven Florida Stores Stock DNA Energy Drink

    New energy drink available and delivered twice each week.

    BOCA RATON, Fla. -- DNA Beverage Corp. the maker of DNA Energy Drink announced a large number of select 7-Eleven convenience stores located throughout Florida are stocking the beverage.

    "We fully recognize the enormous opportunity before us and as such we are approaching it as a working partnership," DNA’s President Darren Marks said in a statement. "Because we understand the effect current economic conditions are having on consumers DNA and 7-Eleven are committed to offering our customers real value by providing quality products at everyday low prices."

    DNA’s wholly owned subsidiary Grass Roots Beverage Co. is the delivering mechanism responsible for getting product to three central distribution centers (CDC) operated by 7-Eleven, who then delivers product on a twice weekly basis to the individual stores.

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