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    Rutter's Farm Stores Offers $2.99 Kids Meal

    Choice of grilled cheese sandwich, four-piece chicken nuggets and regular hot dog available in 36 stores.

    YORK, Pa. -- Rutter’s Farm Stores launched its $2.99 kids meal in 36 stores with touchscreen ordering.

    Featuring a choice of a grilled cheese sandwich, four-piece chicken nuggets or regular hot dog, side-dish options are also available, including an order of fries, macaroni and cheese bites or a banana, the company reported.

    The beverage choices are a 12-ounce fountain or frozen beverage, or a 16-ounce Rutter’s-brand iced tea, milk or juice from the cooler case.

    "At $2.99, our kids meal is an exceptional value," said Jerry Weiner, Rutter’s vice president of foodservice. "We think it’s perfect for the economic times and for the limited amount of time that people have. With our touch-screen ordering, it’s a fast, easy way to get a tasty meal for the kids."

    The meal, plus a four-pack of crayons, comes in a paper "activity" bag.

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