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    Rutter's Farm Stores Introduces Dinner Menu

    Six options available for $5.99 or less.

    YORK, Pa. -- Building on last year’s introduction of stir fry, Rutter’s rolled out a dinner menu including meat loaf, pot roast and pasta—each for $5.99 or less.

    "Stir fry has been a big winner for us," said Jerry Weiner, Rutter’s vice president of foodservice. "With this menu, we’re giving customers a completely new option when they think about having dinner. We want them to view Rutter’s as a restaurant that offers more options."

    Available in 12 stores, the dinner menu comprises:
    -- Meat loaf or pot roast served over mashed potatoes with gravy;
    -- Pasta dishes featuring grilled chicken, spaghetti and meatballs, or chicken parmesan, each with a choice of alfredo or marinara sauce;
    -- A vegetarian plate with pasta and choice of alfredo or marinara sauce.

    Every dish, including stir fry, comes with a choice of sautéed snow peas, broccoli, onions, mushrooms or peppers, the company reported.

    "Our touch-screen ordering also gives customers the ability to mix and match all of these options to their personal tastes," Weiner said.

    Rutter’s also recently introduced a $2.99 kids meal that is available in 36 stores that offer touch-screen ordering.

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