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    Residents Protest Against New QuikTrip

    Texas homeowners cite traffic, noise, crime concerns.

    KELLER, Texas -- Residents of Hidden Lakes, near Fort Worth, came out in droves to protest a proposed QuikTrip at yesterday's City Council meeting, organizers told the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

    The council heard the plan for a specific use permit for the 4,092-square-foot convenience store and gas station. The council rejected QuikTrip's request for a permit already last December. This time, the request does not seek variances from the city code.

    In July, the Planning and Zoning Commission recommended the new request, adding that the plan must include the company's funding of driveways to the business, changes to traffic signals and relocating above-ground utility lines underground.

    Residents are concerned that the QuikTrip would create more noise, pollution and crime, Todd Almand, chairman of the leadership and planning committee for the Hidden Lakes Homeowners Association told the newspaper.

    "We don't feel gasoline stations are appropriate for that site," he said.

    Almand added that he would prefer a business that would fit better with current residences, such as professional offices.

    QuikTrip representatives did not return phone calls to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram seeking comment.

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