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    Radiant Systems Launches Product Line

    Operators across multiple retail markets are positioned to improve productivity and profitability through Web-based application suites.

    ATLANTA, Ga. -- Radiant Systems Inc. completed initial implementations of its Radiant 6.0 product line in major retail brands spanning multiple retail industry segments.

    Six retail brands are participating in the initial implementation of the product, which will enable better management of critical operational functions to help improve product profitability, customer satisfaction and employee productivity.

    Radiant 6.0, the latest release of Radiant applications designed to enable operational excellence, includes the Customer Suite, Supply Chain Suite, Workforce Suite and Operations Management Suite.

    A dozen companies, which directly control 14,000 sites across three different vertical industries, have already committed to use Radiant's newest generation of software, making it the most successful product launch ever for Radiant Systems.

    "We are pleased with the excitement generated around this product in the marketplace," said Erez Goren, chief executive of Radiant Systems. "Businesses are demanding software which can quickly drive bottom line improvements. There is a high demand for targeted applications to improve customer service, product profitability and employee productivity."

    Radiant also said it expects to meet or exceed the range of analyst revenue and earnings forecasts for the quarter ended December 31. Analyst estimates currently range from $32-33 million in revenues.

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