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    QuikTrip Store Not in Kansas Anymore

    Convenience chain razes one location in Kansas, and will open it just over the border in Missouri to take advantage of lower taxes.

    KANSAS City, Kan. -- Demolition began this week on the QuikTrip convenience store located on Southwest Boulevard, the property of which was located half in Kansas and half in Missouri, the Kansas City Star reported.

    The store will be razed and rebuilt roughly 100 feet away —in Missouri—to take advantage of a lower tax rate on cigarettes and gas, and the ability to buy liquor with a stronger alcohol content than the 3.2 percent available in Kansas. The new store is expected to open in October, according to the report.

    "It’s pure economics. We want that store to survive," Michael Thornbrugh, spokesman for QuikTrip, said in the report. "Quite frankly it was a mediocre store. This gives our customers more options. Gasoline is six cents higher in Kansas, and tobacco is about 50 cents more per pack or $5 a carton."

    The store employees will temporarily transfer to other area QuikTrip stores during the construction, the report stated.

    QuikTrip has done such a move before, Thornbrugh said.
    "It’s unfortunate that this particular business has decided to move across the state line at a time when our city continues to make great progress," Edwin Birch, spokesman for the Unified Government, told the paper.

    "Wyandotte County has attracted new and one-of-a kind business developments to our region as many business owners continue to see opportunities for growth in Wyandotte County and Kansas City, Kan."

    But Thornbrugh said changes may need to be made to keep some border businesses in Kansas City, Kan.

    "They are great to work with but their hands are tied. It’s unfortunate that the city and county has no say," he said.

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