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    QuikTrip Expands Marketing Campaign

    The convenience store chain will focus on sponsorships at local venues, and also encourages customers to sign up for a company newsletter.

    TULSA, Okla. -- For $75,000, QuikTrip Corp. was able to land a high-profile sponsorship for one of the hottest up-and-coming bands in hard rock music, Crooked X, and secure placement in YouTube videos and on concert stages, Tulsa World reported.

    This sponsorship is just one example of how QuikTrip is taking its marketing to new levels. Nowadays, the 50-year-old convenience store chain, which dominates northeastern Oklahoma and has a footprint in eight other states, is thinking about more than just TV spots and billboards, according to Chris Cadieux, the company’s marketing-promotions manager and son of QuikTrip founder Chester Cadieux.

    "Marketing is a major expense, and in today's economy, it's more important than ever to be able to measure that," Cadieux said last week during a presentation to the Tulsa chapter of the American Marketing Association. "We have pressures that we didn't have when I started sweeping floors here in 1972."

    The QuikTrip brand is no stranger to advertising. Over the years, it has featured a dog named Lamar pushing beer and the prominent QT that adorns every store. Recently QuikTrip put its name on QuikTrip Park, a $3 million River Parks project that will ensure the brand is visible in another way for years to come, according to the newspaper report.

    Cadieux said the company, which just opened its 64th store in the Tulsa area, will be doing more promotions like this, such as sponsoring the QuikTrip Center at Expo Square and putting QuikTrip vendors inside places like the BOK Center. "We don't want to just put our name out there," he said. "We'll be looking into more opportunities to pair sponsorship with a store in the venue and getting ourselves into another location."

    QuikTrip has even started putting advertisements above store urinals and inside rest- room stalls to encourage customers to sign up for a company newsletter. Cadieux said marketing effort has netted some 150,000 subscribers, the report stated.

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