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FibreTite Multiport Containment System

System protects against water intrusion, overfills and spills.

The FibreTite Multiport Containment System by OPW is an all-composite, completely integrated multiple-port pump system. The flush-mounted, sealable design of the FibreTite Multiport Containment System provides protection against water intrusion, easy access to overfill-prevention valves, and optimum spill-containment protection. The new design allows fuel-site operators to meet current regulatory requirements, while ensuring the ability to meet any next-generation requirements that may be mandatory in the future, OPW stated. Features include: a lightweight composite cover or optional levered plumber-seal covers; integrated inspection ports for quick and easy access for sump examinations; compatibility with retrofit applications; easily removable and replaceable double-wall spill containers; and a removable base flange for easy access to overfill-prevention valve. The system is certified for use on all existing standard gasoline Phase I vapor recovery and Phase I executive orders.