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    Petro-Canada Refinery Set to Renew Operations

    Fuel supplier will play catch-up.

    CALGARY, Alberta -- Petro-Canada is set to recover this week from a shut-down at is Edmonton refinery on Aug. 3, when a catalytic cracking unit, a key component in the making of gasoline, failed and left upwards of 90 stations in British Columbia and Alberta with limited or no fuel, The Calgary Herald reported.

    "Restarting the unit is going to take some time," Petro-Canada Spokesman Jon Hamilton told the paper last week. "We’ve got a lot of catching up to do, but we’ll see improvements into the weekend and next week."

    Hamilton told the paper that the company will continue trucking fuel to stations in Western Canada from shipments arriving in Vancouver.

    "We’re certainly not back to normal, there are still a lot of challenges yet to get there," he told the Calgary Herald. "We have a large piece of geography to get to and a lot of inventory to replenish."

    With 11 Petro-Canada stations, half of which sell fuel, Mobin Muhammad told the paper that as of Thursday afternoon, he hadn’t been notified when he’ll begin receiving his full load of gas.

    "I don’t have confirmation yet, I just heard it on the radio this morning," Muhammad told the paper. "It sounds like it should be soon now. I’ll take that."

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