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    A Convenience Store Made Entirely of Felt?

    8 'Till Late is half bodega, half art installation.

    NEW YORK — The Standard Hotel has opened a pop-up bodega called 8 'Till Late that has a twist: all products sold in the store, from hot dogs to cigarettes to candy, are stitched together from felt.

    The half convenience store, half art installation is open from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. through June 30, reported Food & Wine.

    The felt bodega was created by artist Lucy Sparrow following an exhibition in the United Kingdom. She raised $53,000 on Kickstarter to fund the New York installation, and worked with 10 assistants for nine months to stock the store.

    "In summer 2017, Sparrow embraces her biggest project to date," the Kickstarter read. "The Convenience Store, opening in New York, a city where at the heart of every block the neon signs of the local convenience store are a beacon of hope to hungover everywhere. Where cures come in the form of a dubious pizza slice from the hot food counter or a New York icon, the hot dog from a hot dog stand, quick and cheap."

    Sparrow runs the store herself. Customers are able to actually purchase the felt goods, but are also invited to visit and take pictures.

    8 'Till Late also has a traditional New York bodega cat, named Krampuss — who is also made of felt.

    8 'Till Late operates inside The Standard at 848 Washington St. in Manhattan.

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