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    Best Single-Store Original Design Honorable Mention: Sunrise Exxon

    Futuristic signage is found over each merchandise category.

    Best Original Design (Single Store)*
    Honorable Mention: Sunrise Exxon, Bismarck, N.D.
    Designer: Westmor Industries

    With a desire to make the customer experience unlike any other in the convenience store industry, Sunrise Exxon set out to create a unique design, both inside and out, with limited space.

    Boasting 5,000 square feet, Sunrise Exxon’s exterior is laden with white, beige and gray bricks. The simplistic color scheme follows through into the convenience store, where futuristic signage is found mounted over each merchandise category.

    Among the store’s offerings is an array of dispensed beverages, fresh-brewed coffee, f’real milkshakes, candy, snacks, bakery treats, frozen items like waffles and blocks of ice, energy shots, cigarettes, packaged beverages, milk, and more.

    The c-store also has a seating area that can accommodate 10 people, and a double car wash that was built with a wood frame and insulated concrete-form construction. 

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    *Awards were presented separately to chains and single stores.

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