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    34. Industry Totals Stronger merchandise sales fuel in-store sales gain.

    34. Industry Totals Stronger merchandise sales fuel in-store sales gain.

    36. In-store Breakdown: Sales Merchandise sales again top $1 millon per store. 38. In-store Breakdown: Margins Total in-store gross margins decline. 42. Top 10 Categories Cigarettes and foodservice remain top categories. 44. Cigarettes Tax increase inflates cigarette sales.

    48. Foodservice Competition and discounts slow foodservice growth. 54. Packaged Beverages Packaged beverage sales decline. 58. Beer Beer sales grow slowly, and convenience stores lose share. 62. Other Tobacco Products OTP sales remain solid despite regulations and taxation. 66. Candy and Gum Higher prices drive increases in c-store candy sales.

    70. Salty Snacks Bigger sizes drive larger sales in the salty snacks category.

    72. Edible Grocery The grocery category is a mixed bag for convenience stores. 74. Fluid Milk Only healthier alternatives show growth in milk sales.

    76. General Merchandise Sales decline in general merchandise, and automotive products remain the largest segment.

    77. Health and Beauty Care HBC grows on the energy shot surge.

    78. Motor Fuel Fuel sales plunge on lower prices and less volatility.

    82. Operations Expenses grow as transactions shrink.

    84. Methodology86. Drug Stores Go Fresh Drug stores are starting to compete on a fresh/prepared food level, but should c-stores be worried?90. Health Care Reform Hits Home The convenience store industry works through the realities of the new law. 94. Drive-Thrus and Daiquiris Eskimo Hut's distinguishing Texas niche is a dedication to drive-thru service and daiquiris.12. Senate Bill Includes Swipe Fee Reform

    14. The Pantry to Sell 80 Sites

    14. Marathon Sells 166 SuperAmerica Stores

    16. New COO at Couche-Tard

    3. Separating Good Regulation From Bad

    98. Leveraging Local Food Favorites

    100. The Impact of the PACT Act

    102. New Bird Feeders Keep 'em Humming

    104. Equipment Economics

    122. Caroline Mowen, Valero Retail Holdings Inc.

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