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    New York Gas Station Displays New Pricing Scheme

    With gas prices as high as ever, one station looks to humor to promote its gas prices.

    ROCHESTER, N.Y. -- Customers at a Delta Sonic gas station in Rochester, N.Y. will be paying an "arm" for unleaded fuel and a wash, and a "leg" for unleaded fuel, reported the Democrat and Chronicle.

    The ploy is "to poke a little fun at ourselves and at what's going on with the prices," supervisor Kevin Schultz told the paper.

    The signs went up last week, after Schultz got approval from the corporate offices in Buffalo, N.Y. according to the report.

    The stations gas prices ranged from $2.86 for unleaded to $3.07 for premium a gallon last week, but Schultz told the newspaper, "Why get mad about it? The retailer doesn't make a big profit. It's pennies on the dollar."

    Customer's opinions of the Delta Sonic station's signage ranged from humor to fear, the newspaper reported. Kim Kelly, regular customer to the station, told the Democrat and Chronicle "I didn't think it was amusing, but scary. It made me wonder what the prices really are. I was like 'What is it $4 a gallon now?'"

    Dale Graybill, another regular, said "I had a chuckle, but I can't help but think how true it is."

    "We've had people stop by … and say it's the funniest thing they've seen in a while," Shultz told the newspaper.

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