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    New Website Provides Training, Info-Sharing and Deals to Small Retailers

    C Square hopes to be the "town square" for c-stores.

    NATIONAL REPORT -- C Square, described as "the town square of c-store resources," will make its debut this Friday. Created by CBC Learning Center, the website is focused on enabling its members to work smarter, more efficiently and more profitably by connecting them to:

    • Online expertise-sharing business forums.

    • Exclusive money-saving offers from regional and national suppliers.

    • Professionally produced videos spotlighting critical retail tips.

    • Training materials from CBC Learning Center.

    • Up-to-the-minute industry news, repurposed from existing industry news media outlets.

    The website features videos on such topics as improving margins on coffee sales; how to display and price candy to maximize profits; optimizing the fountain drink area; and a spotlight on cooler sales. Other topics covered include seasonal products, advertising and front-counter merchandising, with more videos added every few weeks.

    C Square members have the option to be notified by e-mail when a new subject is added to the library. There is no cost to join the C Square website, and more than 7,500 retail locations have already signed up.

    For more information, visit myCsquare.com.

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