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    Millennials Choose Price Over Engine Performance

    Nearly one half of respondents purchase unbranded gasoline, according to new survey.

    HOUSTON -- With gas prices reaching record high prices, one thing is front and center on Millennials' minds when purchasing gasoline.

    A Phillips 66, 76, and Conoco survey released today revealed American men and women ages 21 to 30 choose the price of gasoline over most every other factor, including engine performance.

    The survey, conducted by Kelton from July 19 to 25, was taken by 1,018 American men and women who are primary fuel purchasers. The results revealed that nearly half of the participants regularly fuel up with unbranded gasoline. In addition, one quarter of the respondents admitted they were not putting the best gas into their cars for long-term auto health.

    According to Phillips 66, 76 and Conoco, unbranded gasoline is "known to cause engine deposit buildup over time that can inhibit gas mileage and engine performance."

    Despite that statement, 54 percent of survey respondents said price is the most important factor when selecting which gas to use. Fifty-five percent responded that the type of gas they use does matter for performance, but only 42 percent said they were likely to take the brand at the pump into consideration before fueling up.

    However, 98 percent of Millennial drivers who use unbranded gasoline would be willing to upgrade, with 45 percent saying they were willing to switch fuels if branded gasoline would increase gas mileage.

    "What this survey tells us is that Millennial drivers care about their cars, but they're quick to use the gas they think will save money in the short-term, without considering the performance impacts the resulting engine buildup may be causing long-term," said Tami Walker, manager, U.S. Fuels Brand Management for Phillips 66, 76 and Conoco.

    The Phillips 66, 76 and Conoco brands are offered at more than 7,000 retail fuel sites in the United States.

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