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    Maverik Finds Success with Kick Start

    The retailer's adventure-themed reality TV show is launching its second season.

    SALT LAKE CITY -- Maverik Inc., a western U.S. convenience store chain with more than 200 stores in seven states, partnered with Sandy, Utah-based creative agency 8fish to produce an innovative approach to marketing -- Kick Start.

    Kick Start is a high-flying, on-the-edge weekly reality TV show that promotes Maverik by cleverly blending advertising with entertainment, while involving brands and products that are complementary with the show’s adventure-related theme, 8fish stated.

    "Kick Start blends advertising with entertainment by involving brands and products that are congruent with the entertainment," Ernie Harker, Kick Start producer and president of 8fish, said in a news release. "It makes for better advertising because we see the brand or product as part of the entertainment instead of an interruption."

    A variety of sponsors teamed up with Maverik to produce the 20 episodes that make up a full season. Each sponsor received valuable product placement during the show.

    Kick Start began airing May 2008. The program appears weekly on NBC affiliate KSL Channel 5 in Salt Lake City and it’s already launching its second season. Past episodes of the show are available for viewing at www.maverik-kickstart.com.

    8fish is an award-winning creative production studio established in 1995. The agency employs video editors, producers, directors, animators, designers and illustrators.

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