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    Luke Oil Lawsuit Dropped

    Convenience store chain changes logo after Jewish group files complaint.

    HAMMOND, Ind. -- A lawsuit filed by the Orthodox Union, a kosher food certification group, dropped its lawsuit against convenience store chain operator Luke Oil, after the retailer changed its logo, which was at the center of the legal action.

    The lawsuit claimed the Hobart, Ind.-based gas station chain's new "Serving U" logo infringed on the "OU" symbol the Orthodox Union gives to products certified as kosher, according to a report by NWITimes.com. The "Serving U" logo featured a "U" inside a circle.

    Luke Oil vice president Thomas Collins Jr. declined to discuss the terms of the agreement with the Orthodox Union, the report stated. The company has rolled out a new branding campaign to replace the "Serving U" logo, which was included on coffee and soda cups in select retail locations, and the Web site uluke.com. The company is now using a logo that highlights the "u" in the company name, the Web site reported.

    Collins said the switch has been more stressful than financially damaging, and the company was still working on converting the rest of the chain to the new brand, the report stated.

    "I think our customers understood. They were curious about what was going on, and they supported us through it," he said in the report.

    A Hammond federal court judge will have to rule on the dismissal motion.

    The Orthodox Union's lawyers could not be reached for comment by the Web site.

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