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    Kentucky Chevrons Changing Brand

    Station owners explore new banners as Chevron prepares to exit the market next month.

    LOUISVILLE, Ky. -- Nearly 200 Chevron-branded gas stations and convenience stores in the state are trying to choose new gas brands for their locations, as the major oil company prepares to pull out of the market next month, Kentucky.com reported.

    Chevron's move was announced in December, and will be effective June 30. Along with Kentucky, 10 other states will be affected in the Eastern United States, as well as Washington, D.C., and parts of Tennessee. The exit will affect 1,100 retail fuel locations in total, according to Chevron.

    "We're just trying to better align our assets, ... playing to our strengths and optimizing our system by shrinking in some areas," spokesman Gus Santoyo said in the report.

    In all, there are 197 Chevron- and 39 Texaco-branded sites in Kentucky, Santoyo said.

    Two Chevron stations in Lexington, Ky., are converting to Marathon, while another, on Waller Drive, is still working out its plans, manager Sam Patel told Kentucky.com.

    And others are exploring unbranded options. Georgia B. Clemons, owner of the Chevron at 2398 Nicholasville Road in Lexington, decided to go unbranded. Clemons said most of her revenue comes from her auto service center instead of gasoline sales.

    "I have a loyal base of customers. ... When they come through the door, I call them by their first name," she said in the report. "I'm dependent on them, and they'll be here."

    Clemons had operated under the Chevron brand for eight years, and prior to that, offered Marathon-brand fuels for 10 years at a separate location.

    "I was just sick about it when I first heard," she said of Chevron's announcement. "I've enjoyed being part of Chevron. They're a great, great company."

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