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    INTERNATIONAL NEWS: Walmart Opens C-stores in China

    Three "Huixuan" branded convenience stores open in Shenzhen.

    SHENZHEN, China -- The world's largest retailer, Walmart, broke into China's convenience store market recently with three new convenience stores here called "Huixuan," ChinaRetailNews.com reported.

    With a store area of 300 square meters—about 3,200 square feet—the stores are a part of a pilot program launched by Walmart to explore China's fast growing retail markets, the report stated.

    The Huixuan stores provide quality and low-price products to consumers, and products stocked will address the needs of different target consumers, according to the Web site.

    The company has not decided a specific number of new Huixuan stores, a representative from Wal-Mart said in the report, adding if they perform well, the new business model could be expanded to other Chinese cities.

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