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    Indiana Senate Candidate Asks for Gas Tax Suspension

    "Energy emergency" spurs proposal to the governor, she says.

    Democratic State Senate candidate Pat McQuade has asked Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels to declare what she calls an "energy emergency" and suspend the state's sales tax on gasoline.

    The tax suspension would provide thankful drivers some relief, McQuade told the South Bend Tribune. Residents currently pay $3 a gallon for gas, the newspaper reported.

    If the governor was to declare an "emergency," the state attorney general would have the authority to investigate possible price gouging situations.

    Attorney General Steve Carter is currently monitoring gas price rises, but does not feel a need to investigate instances of anti-trust, deceptive sales practices or gouging by retailers, a spokesman for the attorney general's office told the South Bend Tribune.

    If nothing else, a formal investigation could put residents' minds at ease about high prices. "It doesn't feel like the monitoring has been enough," McQuade told the newspaper.

    Gov. Daniels declined to issue a comment to the newspaper.

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