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    Immigrant Strike Leaves C-Stores Unfazed

    Retailers report business proceeded as usual.

    NEW YORK--The tens of thousands of immigrant workers who were expected to boycott work Monday pushed restaurants, meat packing plants, small retail shops and other businesses to prepare for possible shutdowns, reported MSNBC/Financial Times.

    However, several retailers told CS News that the immigrant worker strike did not affect their stores.

    “Any issues must be insignificant as I have not been made aware of them,” Sonja Hubbard CEO of E-Z Mart Stores, based in Texarkana, Texas told CS News .

    Vice-president of marketing Omar Rachid of Victoria, Texas-based Speedy Stop, reported that right now “it is too early.” He notes that “everything looks normal in all our market areas so far.”

    “We don’t anticipate any problems,” CEO Chris Girard of Beaverton, Ore.-based Plaid Pantries, told CS News .

    Carlos Castro, a leader in two local business groups and owner of the Todos Supermarkets in Northern Virginia, said in the WashingtonPost.com report he was wary of some advocates' attempts to link immigrants' rights with leftist causes.

    "They want to create instability in the community," he said in the report. "It is kind of scary, because I lived through the metamorphosis of the Civil War [in El Salvador], and I know leadership and I know instigators. I want to make sure that we get the leaders of the Hispanic community out front. I'm not accusing anyone, but that's certainly how it looks."

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