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    Tesoro Petroleum launches Dakota 50+ diesel fuel in North Dakota.

    AUBURN, Wash. -- Tesoro Refining and Marketing Co. yesterday began rolling out Dakota 50+, its new high-performance diesel fuel.

    Dakota 50+, which was designed to provide smooth starts and prevent excess smoke and engine deposits, is made at the Mandan (N.D.) Refinery and is refined from more than 90 percent North Dakota crude, the company said.

    "Tesoro Dakota 50+ delivers," said John Berger, Tesoro's business manager for the Northern Great Plains Region. "The Mandan refinery has been producing quality agricultural fuels for nearly 50 years, and Tesoro Dakota 50+ continues that tradition."

    Berger said Dakota 50+ has a long shelf life, allowing customers to purchase it seasonally and hold it throughout the year. It's targeted for farmers and people who use off-road vehicles in North Dakota and will be available to customers through Tesoro jobbers and distributors in North Dakota.

    Tesoro, an independent refiner and marketer, operates six refineries in the Western United States with a combined capacity of approximately 560,000 barrels per day and manages a 740-store retail network.

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