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    Exxon Mobil to Consolidate Houston-Area Employees Into New Campus

    Approximately 8,000 staffers will relocate to the new facility being built on a 385-acre site.

    IRVING, Texas -- Exxon Mobil Corp., based here, plans to consolidate approximately 8,000 Houston-area employees to a large new campus that is currently under construction, according to a Houston Chronicle report. The new 385-acre site is located south of The Woodlands, near the intersection of Interstate 45 and the Hardy Toll Road.

    "There seems to be value in consolidating the employees in the Houston area," said spokesman Alan Jeffers. He also stated that the new campus will facilitate employee collaboration and provide a better working environment.

    The move is set to begin in 2014 and end sometime in 2015, and will affect most of Exxon Mobil's Houston-based office workers. Demand for housing, office space and commercial development near the new site is expected to increase.

    "The impacts in this area are going to be substantial," said Houston economist Barton Smith.

    The campus will comprise multiple low-rise office buildings, a laboratory, conference and training centers, and child care and wellness centers, the report noted.

    Exxon Mobil's headquarters will remain in Irving. The recently acquired XTO Energy will also remain in its present Fort Worth location. However, Jeffers noted the campus has room for expansion, and transfers from other cities are possible. Exxon Mobil's Fairfax, Va. offices, which employ around 2,500 workers, are part of the long-term study of the company's office space that led to the Houston consolidation.

    "We're continuing to study whether it makes sense for other U.S. locations to be located on this campus," said Jeffers.

    Some employees who work in north Houston and at the Brookhollow, Texas, offices will remain where they are. The employees scheduled to move include workers at the local upstream and chemical offices, along with various support staff.


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